Massive rant here. TL;DR version: This is a poor game with zero direction and I’m really tired of waiting for it to get good, every step forward is two steps back. 

> super adventure box never coming back probably because “hurrdurr we’re focusing on our ~narrative~” you guys are fucking awful at writing, what are you trying to pull here acting all serious and pretentious about the travesty that is the LS

I’m sure that everyone who has an infinite continue coin (like me) will be thrilled. I’m sure everyone who stockpiled baubles, has been looking forward toward the W3 and W4 skins and just generally enjoyed it will be thrilled. 

You literally have half of it complete, just sitting there, inaccessible, and there’s a chance you’re never going to give us access to it again because “it conflicts with the narrative”. Are you fucking kidding me, anet. What exactly do you think you’re gaining by locking away/witholding content, like the dozens of outfits that are in the game but you’re never going to give us?

Precursor crafting is always “soon”, tengu are almost completely ruled out for any time in the future besides scant inclusion in the living story, first person view and FoV changes are still being poo-pooed even though anet acknowledges the massive demand for them, PvP still only has one measly game mode after two whole years even though anet were originally pushing for “esports”.

And the water weak excuse for all of this was a dual “we want to focus on the LS” and “we already have enough to worry about with balancing PvE, PvP and working on fractals”. Bullshit. Last time you did anything to fractals was almost a year ago now in ‘Fractured’, who do you think you’re fooling? And the tiny handful of balance tweaks you throw out every now and then are not so intensive that you can use it as an excuse not to deliver on dozens of other promises. I mean, geeze, “phew Phil, I’m exhausted! Those tooltip changes really took it out of me, I think I’ll call it a month!” The goddamn manifesto is glorified toilet paper at this point.

Yeah yeah, I know what you shitlords are going to say, “bawww Dinny it’s a free game stop being so ~entitled~”. You can fuck right off into the stratosphere. There’s a difference between being entitled and expressing disappointment at the complete loss of direction: this is still a game I paid for and sunk money and time into, I’m allowed to have an expectation that it will try to be something more than a gambling simulator. I remember when it was still aspirational and trying to be fun and challenging. Just about any MMO on the market at present is doing a better job, it’s a shame that I don’t care about the settings of any of them.

Yeah, so, anyway. Sticking with this game has been like staying in an abusive relationship since about the time of ‘Fractured’ and I’m just out of patience and glad that toward the end I was completely reluctant to use gems. I’m abandoning it (see: uninstalling) and I’m abandoning this blog too because what’s the point.

Call me if:

1) things actually get much better, piecemeal
2) SAB comes back
3) they bring back Gorr.

Drawing to act as a cherry on top coming in next and final post.

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    The only reason I still play is for RP and for friends, I don’t even play the actual game anymore because content has...
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    I never played a lot of SAB, but I never understood why it isn’t a permanent feature. Anyway, I do share your feeling...
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    I pretty much have the same attitude as ratasum-renegade. At the end of the day, GW2 is still fun for me. I’ve tried...
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    ^ Basically this. SAB was never really my cup of tea (only because I’m awful at it), but it is pretty absurd for them to...
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